Monday, October 19, 2009

We'd Rather Be Right Than Popular

Albus Dumbledore said in one of the Harry Potter books that people are generally more willing to forgive others for being wrong than right and yet for some ethereal reason we do everything in our power to be the one who is right.  We argue with our spouse, siblings, teachers and the occasional police officer that we are not wrong in our decisions, actions and opinions.  Consequences either don't matter or don't come to mind as we verbally battle to justify ourselves.  With that in mind, I wrote a poem that hopefully reflects a variety of viewpoints and the silliness of all.

To Be Right
               By Twist
Why do you argue when you know I'm right?
Don’t you know of my great insight?
Through many days I’ve toiled in strife
and gained much wisdom from daily life.
It’s not important what you do
because I’ve lived much longer than you.

You should listen to my counsel and not contest,
You can learn from me, my opinion’s best.
I’m not encumbered with all your fears,
My youthful strength will last for years.
I know you’re wrong and I am right,
You will be blessed by my young sight.

My womanly instincts give me great perception
To ensure in all that I have no deception.
Mother Nature and God are on my side,
I solve any problem in a single stride.
My feminine nature achieves great height.
You’ll always know that I am right.

As a man I’ve endeavored with all my might
to gain my knowledge and all my sight.
Nature has endowed me with strength and power,
To guide me in each troublesome hour.
It does not matter if you’re right all along
It matters most that I’m not wrong.

We sit each at last, alone in the dark,
Not even a dog is present to bark.
We’ve driven away every incorrect soul
With their lack of vision to see the whole.
Though no one's around to share our insight,
We have great pride in knowing we were right.

Twist Huntington

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